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Welcome to Carney Heritage Productions Ltd
Welcome to Carney Heritage Productions!    

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Welcome to a unique collection of Video footage which transports you back to the first half of the 20th Century. The material in this social document is an accurate record of Scottish Heritage, Culture and Doric dialect. The material is filmed on location in Aberdeenshire by Don Carney.

"I feel that the past heritage and Culture O Scotland is O great importance and oor ancestors achievements are worthy of sik a comprehensive and richt record".

You can purchase our Heritage DVDs there - for a preview see our YouTube channel!  Scroll down to see Video Previews!  (Click to start the video)

Meet Yir Ancestors

Fae Ploo T' Plate

Generations o' Change

The Meal and Ale at East Letter Fairm

Country Weemins Warking Wik

The Horseman and his Clydesdales